VodQA- Thoughts into speech

There is a  way to convert Thoughts into Speech.

It is called VODQA (Value oriented Discussions)

Thoughtworks is always awesome from the day I heard about it. It’s not only because of the work and technology but also because of their Title and Theme for their meetup.

  • “VODQA”
  • “Get high on Testing”
  • “Cocktail mix”

I had attended VODQA a Testers’s meetup in Bangalore last year 2015. We had lots of good people talking about automation and other stuffs. I kept my eye on it to speak at VodQA for the next time in Bangalore.But I was then transferred to my hometown in the mid of 2016. Continue reading


Linux chats while your are geeky enough

I have been working on Linux for the past 2 years… It so happened today started reacting awesome in our college WhatsApp group.

It started with a forward message


After a while we started reacting.
This is what we came up with



Happy night chats.

Happy testing! cheers

Agile Views

1.My definition about Agile.

Agile is an unconventional mode of transport to Quality

2. My interpretation about the image.

The Logo represents Agile needs to be done in an open ended way to connect many aspects related to development or Testing. Refactor the frequent changes in agile software development and consider best suited when comparing test approaches.

3. Here is my Agile logo


30 Day Testing Challenge #19

Challenge #19: Find and use a new tool

Security concerns everywhere!

Started using this tool Nmap

Nmap is an abbreviation for ‘Network Mapper’ – ‘Network’ in an IT sense of the word. You can consider Nmap as being one of the best-known, and in fact, one of the most useful hacking tools out there.It is used for Network and port scanning.

Some of the typical uses:

  • Host discovery
  • Port Scanning
  • Scriptable interaction
  • OS detection

Will need to further dig into and get the most of it. Please get in touch if you are willing to learn with me.

For further details please refer https://nmap.org/

For details about the contest: http://www.ministryoftesting.com/2016/06/30-day-testing-challenge/


Happy Testing!


30 Day Testing Challenge #17

Helloooo Im in!

Yes i wanted to do at least few challenges.Here i do.

Challenge #17: Find ans share a quote that inspires you

The Expert in anything was once a beginner”  – Someone

And one more recent funny quote

Every Monday i keep searching for this to confirm the quote.




Happy testing!



Testing openings- Where they deny i extend

LinkedIn is a professional social media is what people told me when i joined 4 or 5 years back.For me it was a job searching platform to make myself connected to people working in my dream companies.

I had a lot of networking through LinkedIn and my learning have always gone positive through some good people who i love to follow and learn from. Thanks to everyone who has  supported me.

My worry now is i am not able to extend my support to people who ask me for help. So i have one solution for it.

People who ask me about job openings (Freshers and Experienced) it would of great help if you can provide me with these details. I will maintain a separate DB.

FYI i can only share you openings related to testing.

  • Domain: Web/Mobile/Embedded (If it is Embedded i can send you more vacancies what i come across)
  • Experience

Send your details to Geek.boopathi@gmail.com with “Testing jobs” as subject line.

You can also refer these for openings in Testings

As i already shared in my LinkedIn feed the BOSCH link above keeps on updating. Wait for the openings with your skillet.

Note: The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.

Dream high with your foot on ground!

Happy Testing!

My next Blog: How I became an INDIAN Tester

Header credit: https://www.canva.com/