VodQA- Thoughts into speech

There is a  way to convert Thoughts into Speech.

It is called VODQA (Value oriented Discussions)

Thoughtworks is always awesome from the day I heard about it. It’s not only because of the work and technology but also because of their Title and Theme for their meetup.

  • “VODQA”
  • “Get high on Testing”
  • “Cocktail mix”

I had attended VODQA a Testers’s meetup in Bangalore last year 2015. We had lots of good people talking about automation and other stuffs. I kept my eye on it to speak at VodQA for the next time in Bangalore.But I was then transferred to my hometown in the mid of 2016.

I read about the VODQA shots happening in Chennai Thoughtworks. The first time I was rejected when i applied in July.

Luckily I was invited as an external speaker by VODQA team in Chennai for their October meetup(Cocktail mix). This is the second time I’m gonna represent testing in a stage after STeP-IN summit 2015.

I wanted to talk on Automotive testing and managed to have a title as “How Automotive Testing is possible?”

The event was held on October 20th Thursdays so I had to travel from Coimbatore to Chennai after 3 years where I finished my college. It was nostalgic I could recollect some of the struggles and Learnings that I had faced in chennai. Never mind

This time Chennai with some meaningful time to spend. I was received by Thivya- one of the coordinator from VodQA, then I met Maarimuthu coordinator from VodQA. Both helped me in getting my slides ready to be projected and kept me cool and comfortable.

The main idea that i had in mind is to provide the audience with an overview and a basic understanding about how Automotive testing is possible.  After my talk with all the sensible questions i was happy that i was able to convey my ideas in a right way.

Also i had a chance to share some time with Nalinikanth (Speaker from Thoughworks Hyderabad) discussing about Testing in IOT.

Behind the event was a very packed dinner while networking with some good people in the Testing community. That was a happy beginning for my other talks coming up in the next few years.

Thanks to  event coordinator, Thoughtworks, My Testing Gurus, Wonderful audiences & Friends.


Event photo:


Happy Testing!



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