Mobile Apps in 2020 and the Role of Testers:

Mobile applications have always been trending.I would like to quote some points How apps will be in 2020 and How are testers prepared to test it.
Before discussing what type of Apps we will be using in 2020 I would like to sum up the evolution of computing. A simple diagram will do.


What next is our Mobile and Mobile applications? There has been a serious revolution and evolution from the day we have started using mobile phones and mobile application.

Apps integrated with devices:
Smart devices extend their usage more than the smart devices. Apps are being integrated to the Devices to make it a connected world, the revolution of “Internet of Things”.
Some of the examples to quote which apps we will be using
>The smart phone app connected to the Refrigerator which will remind you to get the milk daily
>The Smart phone app which lets you know that the air inside the wheels is less than the normal
>The App which allows you to calculate the metrics of a patient getting data from the wrist device
>The App which is allowing you to control home appliances.
The main difference from the apps that we are testing now and the apps which will be tested 2020 is that for 2020 apps the data will be from the sensors or devices itself rather than human input.
Types of Apps in future:

Types of Apps

What will change?
The main fact that the smart apps will be in sync with the smart devices. As it is a connected system field testing will become a mandatory things for the testers to perform as a part of the testing process. For which the organization will have to hire people who are expert in particular domain. (Ex- While testing a health wrist device the company will have to hire joggers and athletes to perform the test as required.)

What will remain?
>Planning work as a part of Test process
>Developing tests, managing test assets
>Detailed planning work as part of the testing process

How are testers prepared?

Just as how Mobile and Mobile applications brought a series of change in the test process testing the Apps in the Internet of things will also undergo a polishing Testers will have to be prepared to hunt holes in the security layer of the Mobile applications.
Building collaborative QA teams will be one of the criteria to execute integrated tests. Building labs for testing as such will also be one of the key strategies. Testers will have to develop a culture “Test as a User”.
App economy could generate over 6, 00,000 jobs in 2020.
Like how testers are maddened over about how to test applications in different browsers multiplied by the number of operating systems in all such platform similarly testing the IoT will also covers such permutations and combinations.

As I said earlier the 2020 apps will be merely Internet of Things or Internet of Everything.

Thanks to TechWell and UTest for wonderful contest and inspiring to write it down. looking forward to make a win.


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