Speak-Easy- A smart way to start

Speak Easy is a voluntary program designed to increase diversity in tech conferences through dedicated conference spots, mentoring and events

It is an awesome initiative that it helps people to get to the right place. To name some of the conferences it coordinates with

  • CukeUP
  • Agile Testing days
  • EuroSTAR
  • CAST

Recently I found my transformation from using Facebook->LinkedIn->Twitter and the responses and the knowledge I learnt by following legends in Software Testing community and knowledge was awesome.

To be on the most luckiest part I came to know about Speak-easy in a few days. Thanks to Anne Anne Marie Charrett for posting in twitter about speak-easy.

I have always been enthusiastic to connect with people in Testing industry . Going through the simple registration process the team was able to guide me through a Mentor from India.

Thanks Smita Misra for accepting to mentor me in my conference speech. Wish to learn a lot.

I have proposed a topic to be reviewed by her to present it in Agile Testing Days 2015. Hope to get selected in the conference and present my ideas.

Thank You once again.

Want to be Mentored? Click here

Do share and tweet

@spkeazee on Twitter


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