Winning BugATAhon 2015-My experiences

Agile Testing Alliance is a non-profit testing community and certification organization, created to grow agile testing awareness, practices and acceptance.


was a free non-profit international crowd testing competition. Points were awarded to the participants for finding defects in the Application Under Test. The points have been categorized into 4 categories, a. Number of defects b. Severity of Defects c. Defect Description d. Test Approach Participating in such a kind for the first time it was a great experience to learn something new and networking with people. It was held at Compasites software in Bangalore on Feb 14th. It was very hard to pull my friend Vignesh (My team friend in Nous info system pvt ltd) as my team mate since it was on a Valentine’s Day. It was a 80 mins hurdle to test the web application and 40 mins for Mobile application. The deliverables were a Test report for both. And after enjoying the given time we were ready with a good Test report. It was after 4 months we got the results and very happy to be the Winner of Mobile Category. My first success in Software Testing field. Thanks to Arasu who coordinated the event at the venue.

Some of the event photos






For Winner list and more details Click here!!


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