Autonomous vehicle and the Trolley problem


Moving forward- Testing Self Driving cars

Moving forward i focus on Automotive testing which includes Infotainment, ADAS, Self driving or Autonomous cars.
I will try to describe the various test technologies involved in Automotive.

Sneak Peak -Self Driving cars:

A Self driving car also called as Autonomous or Connected cars is an automobile that is designed to travel between places without
any human interventions. It is an advancement is Telematics technology that it is self governed.
We have many top companies working on it as of now, but the race is who reaches first to implement it fully on road.
It uses a variety of technologies to get it working. Some of the technologies include:

Computer vision
Artificial Intelligence

In most of the roads it is not legal to test the self driving cars.The Deparment of Motor vehicles has designed a set of regulation to test the self driving car.

Here are the list of entities work on testing a Self driving car.

Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program

(Data as of May 2017)

Volkswagen Group of America
Mercedes Benz
Delphi Automotive
Tesla Motors
GM Cruise LLC
Zoox, Inc., Inc.
Faraday & Future Inc.
Wheego Electric Cars Inc.
Valeo North America, Inc.
NextEV USA, Inc.
Telenav, Inc.
NVIDIA Corporation
AutoX Technologies Inc
Udacity, Inc
Navya Inc.
PlusAi Inc
Nuro, Inc
CarOne LLC
Apple Inc.

Some of the project that interests in testing autonomous cars

Google- Waymo
Tesla- Autopilot
Uber- Self driving cars and Trucks

In my further blogs i will try to describe deep into technologies.

Cheers! Happy Testing!

New beginning in Testing

Its the first day in the rest of my life.

It’s been a week since I moved to a new country new city for my work and these are are things I started learning

1. Connecting and Networking with new people

2. Time management in routine

3. Cooking

4. Technology

5. Global exposure

6. Things I need to improve

7. Culture Excited about new learnings and knowledge.

Summarized using fastnotepad

Action plans 2017

This year there are no resolutions as a Tester, rather i will frame some of the Action plans Which i missed last year or which i loved to do this year.

  • Participate in an Testing Event
  • Network with New people
  • Learn about Automotive testing trends (My Domain)
  • Conduct an Testing event with peer testers
  • Continue blogging
  • Read a testing book, of course
  • Fly High
  • Strictly accomplish the above.


Happy New year to all readers!

VodQA- Thoughts into speech

There is a  way to convert Thoughts into Speech.

It is called VODQA (Value oriented Discussions)

Thoughtworks is always awesome from the day I heard about it. It’s not only because of the work and technology but also because of their Title and Theme for their meetup.

  • “VODQA”
  • “Get high on Testing”
  • “Cocktail mix”

I had attended VODQA a Testers’s meetup in Bangalore last year 2015. We had lots of good people talking about automation and other stuffs. I kept my eye on it to speak at VodQA for the next time in Bangalore.But I was then transferred to my hometown in the mid of 2016. Continue reading